Read-a-thon: The End.

I need more mini-read-a-thon’s in my life. I discovered the read-a-thon hosted by Amanda at On a Book Bender on the 25th and made these goals:

Here are my goals for the rest of the read-a-thon:
1.) Finish The Night Circus (which I’m loving so far)
2.) Start & finish The Perks of a Being a Wallflower
3.) Make some serious progress with Gone with the Wind (part of a readalong and I’m way behind)
4.) Finish reading The Heroine’s Bookshelf (I was waiting to read the book associated with that chapter, but no. I should just finish the book because I like it!)
5.) I have the audio book of Will Grayson, Will Grayson…start listening!

If there’s time:
1.) I bought a Heyer eBook (The Grand Sophy) during the $1.99 sale…read that.
2.) I have a book checked out via Overdrive (Alias Grace by Atwood)…start that.
3.) Start reading She Walks in Beauty (I’m in the mood for poetry of late…)
4.) Select and start another book for the Heroine’s Bookshelf Challenge (already read Claudine at School and The Secret Garden, I’m thinking I Capture the Castle)
5.) Make a decision about a 19th-century classic for Back to the Classics Challenge…any suggestions are welcome!

I finished four books over four days! And while I didn’t make “serious” progress on Gone with the Wind, I did read 2-3 more chapters (and plan on reading more before the VMAs start at 9:00 — stupid west coast time, I would rather really watch it live).

I also started I Capture the Castle and so far, so good. I had never heard of the book or Dodie Smith until reading The Heroine’s Bookshelf. Honestly, I didn’t even know 101 Dalmatians was a book, but it was and Dodie Smith wrote it. Learn something new everyday…

Regarding that 19th century classic…I’m still torn. I want to read both Little Women and Jane Eyre, but with all the new fall books coming out…I don’t know! It’s very difficult to read a classic with so many great new books just sitting on my nightstand. I have ARCs of 1Q84, If Jack’s in Love, The Dovekeepers, plus more and I want to read those. Maybe I should pick a shorter classic (like Silas Marner) and hold off on those other two until next year…decisions, decisions.

(It might be too hot for soup, but not if it’s awesome! Love Chicken Tortilla Soup…good food weekend, good reading weekend…good weekend all around!)

Thanks to Amanda over at On a Book Bender for hosting! It’s been awesome to check out everyone’s progress.

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