Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

As I mentioned yesterday, today is Fakesgiving. This is a time when my Arizona family spends time together near or around the holiday commonly called “Thanksgiving”. Since it doesn’t happen ON Thanksgiving, it cannot be called Thanksgiving, therefore we call it Fakesgiving.

Among my Arizona peeps, I’m known as a bit of a baker…of cookies. I can bake other things, but cookies are kind of my specialty. Therefore I was honored to be chosen as the baker of honored to be selected as baker of something Pumpkin with the added bonus of Cream Cheese. I reviewed my pumpkin-exclusive Pinterest board and was reminded of the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies I made approximately two Thanksgivings ago.

Now, the recipe from Martha’s website calls for the use of an ice cream scoop. That’s insane! Why would anyone want their Whoopie Pies to be THAT big?! I utilize a regular old cookie scoop. I have to say…if you like pumpkin and cream cheese, give this babies a shot because they are TASTY (or if you want to be Fergalicious: TASTEY) .

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