Sookie Stackhouse Readalikes

More fun at work! I especially liked working on this one because while the later Sookie books were pretty “eh”, I still loved the first few in the series. I’m not sure if Harris feels like she’s competing with the show or what, but the last few lost a lot of the humor that I enjoyed when the series started. Now that the show has departed so significantly from the books, I’m hoping Harris can end the series properly.

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  1. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I started watching the True Blood series before I even knew they were based on books. Now that I’m so far in, and there are so many books, I feel like I probably won’t get around to reading the series. Though I did hear it is different from the television series, it just feels backwards to watch first and read second.

    1. The books aren’t THAT good, so I can totally understand not going back. However, if you just want a fun, easy read for…say…a vacation, then they might be a good choice. 🙂

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