#DailyBookPic — 31 Days of Books!

As you may know, I participated in Book Riot’s #DailyBookPic project (You didn’t know? You should stop by more often). It was a good time — some days were trickier than others — but I take pictures of books quite often so it gave me a bit of a challenge. I thought it would be EVEN MORE fun to take a peek at ALL of my #DailyBookPic photos in a GIANT collage:

Good stuff, huh? I think I’ll do it again in January, but make it work-related…as in, I’ll travel around to the libraries, snap lots of prompt-related photos and post them to our Flickr account. I like projects. There usually isn’t a whole lot going on in January anyway, it just feels like a slow month, right?

So much bookish fun! You should do it again, too, or if you didn’t the first time around, you should do it for the first time!

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