Butterfly Garden Costume

Weekly Recap #44: Halloween Costume Edition

Happy November! It’s kind of appalling that this year is almost over. How in the heck did it happen?

I mentioned last week that I made my Halloween costume…I’m pretty darn proud of it. Until all the wedding planning last year I tried to avoid craftiness, but this year someone mentioned a brilliant costume idea and I went for it.

It all started when I was wearing one of the butterfly brooches that I bought “for the wedding” last year (I have a few I purchased AFTER the wedding) and I mentioned to a co-worker that I have dozens of them. She said, “Oh! You should be a butterfly garden for Halloween.” So I went with it.

Butterfly Garden

It involved lots of tulle, lots of fake flowers, more butterflies, hot glue, safety pins, ribbon, and NO sewing (I even fashioned straps out of ribbon, tulle, and safety pins!). I ended up not using a lot of my butterfly brooches (I think I only ended up with 12-15 total on the costume– mostly the flimsy ones from Michaels – I even put some on the back) because it was pretty heavy without them. I mean, $80 bucks worth of 60% off summer flowers is A LOT of floral options.

Butterfly Garden Costume
The finished product.

When I wore the costume to work in Thursday (which it’s very tricky to drive in!), a had a lot of different guesses as to what I was…Mother Nature, Springtime, Lady Gaga (you know she’ll steal my idea as soon as she sees it), and my favorite, “are you a bush?” All very good guesses! A Butterfly Garden is a litle specific and when I told them my intent, everyone seemed to get it. Lots of people didn’t seem to care what I was, they just thought it was very creative. :-)

Butterfly Garden & Gnome
Butterfly garden comes complete with garden gnome!

I will admit that I went to a few different websites to find out if there was some big secret to making no-sew tutus and they all made it WAY more complicated than necessary. They kept talking about measurments and cutting in many directions. I just bought rolls of tulle (in green and white), decided on a length, then rolled it out double the length I wanted and finally cut it. I tied the tulle on a ribbon that would fit around me and then put it all on like a coat. I found that being able to tie it in the front made it so much easier to get off and on — and that way I knew where the front would be. Sure…it took me a whole day to get all of the flowers glued on to the ribbon, but I think it was worth it. Super easy and lots of fun.

(And now I have a Halloween costume hanging in my closet…think I could sell it for fifty bucks? Or maybe figure out a way to repurpose all of these flowers into a springtime wreath?! Or we could have a VERY bright & floral Christmas tree with a springtime garland…)

What were YOU for Halloween?

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