February Recap


SO MUCH. My undergraduate college might go co-ed. We have started the pre-qualification process to buy a house. Other life stuff that I’m not ready to share yet. On the crafty side of things, I’ve almost made a blanket. AND I’m still trying to navigate the many options & tricks & complexities of being self-hosted. (Also, work has been really rough the last couple of weeks so I refuse to give anything relating to work its own group.)


I came thisclose to completing my Academy Award goal — I’m two movies shy of seeing all that I wanted. I’m still trying to decide who I want to win though…I’ll decide Sunday morning.


I significantly reduced my ‘Currently Reading’ shelf compared to last month.  What used to be nine books long is now down to four.

Currently Reading
I don’t feel like I read that much in February, but I guess eight books in a short month isn’t terrible. I’m abandoning more books this year. I’m just not interested in slogging through something I’m not enjoying. I rate abandoned books based on how much I read and how much I hated it… :-/ Probably not the best method.

February 2014 Snapshot

I’m making my way through the shortlist for The Tournament of Books…so far I’ve read over half of the titles and I’m working on another one right now.  Darcy & Tiny are also helping with selection and cuddling of the books. They would be great resources for the Tournament of Books team next year when they start to pick the shortlist.

Tiny Selector

 Happy March!

2 thoughts on “February Recap”

  1. Congrats for shortening your Currently Reading-shelf! I got mine down from 13 to 9!

    And I did not read that much in February either, 9 books for me (of which one was an audiobook).

    What are your plans for march?

    1. Good question about March…I have no idea yet. :-/ With both of my goals coming to an end (the Oscars are tonight, the ToBX starts this week), I’m going to have to figure something out. Maybe in March I’ll be all fancy-free. :-)

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