I’m a librarian (but this is not a “library blog” or a “professional librarian” blog…it’s just my blog). I love what’s happening with technology today; it’s amazing how you can connect, reconnect, and stay connected with social media. I’m especially interested in Reader’s Advisory on the web – GoodReads, LibraryThing, blogs, etc.

I’m an avid reader. (Some would say it goes with the job, but that’s a total stereotype.) I read just about everything – nonfiction, biography, memoir, history, historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery…seriously, everything.

This blog is a merger of several different blogs. I once had many, now I have one. After trying out WordPress, I decided I liked it and moved over all the posts from Blogger. You can find everything here from my adventures in library school, my blathering on about what I want to be when I grow up, my obsession with snapping photos of my pets, the personal tragedies I’ve faced, my job hunting disappointments, some discussion on books I’ve read, brief reviews of movies I’ve watched, the many stresses of planning a wedding, and a lot more. (Though of late it’s all about books and the occasional vacation post…) Don’t be afraid to look around and don’t be scared to ask questions!

(I hope no one’s annoyed by my excessive use of parentheses and ellipses. I tend to write like I talk and I often throw in asides or talk in fragments or use long pauses.)

And if you were wondering…all opinions here are my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.

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"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." – Mark Twain