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Pregnancy: Reading (Slump) Edition

I was already in the middle of a bit of a reading slump when I found out we had a bundle o’ joy arriving later in the year.  It hasn’t really let up.  This year is really shaping up into The Year I Abandoned Lots of Books and Read Many Books with Pictures.

Unread Books.
I made it to Chapter 8 in the Flavia de Luce book! (The others were all returned…unread.)

If a book doesn’t totally grab me in the first few pages, it gets tossed aside. If I sit the book down somewhere out of sight, it is rarely picked up again. If a book uses big words or opens with a massive paragraph, I quickly put it back down. If a book doesn’t have pictures, it will likely remain unfinished for a long time.

Am I allowed to blame pregnancy for this? Or is this just not my year?

Most of the books I’ve read since March are graphic novels and picture books. I’m having the toughest time focusing on anything that requires a lot of thought. Lately, watching my belly move, playing Candy Crush, thinking about the nursery, and sleeping have been really good distractions from the written word.

The crazy thing: it isn’t like I haven’t read ANYTHING. I know I still read more than your average person, but I still feel like a bad reader. I know I shouldn’t. Slumps happen. Sometimes books just don’t grab you. Sometimes everything you pick up sounds exactly like all of the other books you’ve read. Sometimes it just isn’t the right time to read that book. And sometimes it just isn’t a good book.

I want to read them. I do.
At least four of these have bookmarks in them and three of them I’ve read (at least) the first two pages.

I still keep checking out massive amounts of books from the library that I am genuinely interested in reading, but by the time they make it home I just don’t get to them. Then there are all of the advance copies that keep rolling in and I want to devour all of them…but instead I read a couple of pages, think this is good, and then don’t read any further.

While I will never abandon reading entirely (that’s just a ridiculous thought), I guess I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that I’m just not the reader I once was. Or 2014 is just an off-year.  Or…or…something.

July Recap

Umm…July is over already?! AND THIS HAPPENED like THREE to FOUR days ago?!

I am not prepared for August and I’m struggling to remember what happened in July…let’s see:

1. We started registering for baby gear.

2. Jesse made this happen:

Dresser DIY
Dresser DIY #2

3. Jesse also painted the baby’s room and put the crib together AND swapped out the blinds AND hung curtains. Jesse was VERY busy in July. (I helped paint the dresser… :-/ )

4. I got a haircut.

Hair...or Bump.
See the difference between Week 21 and 23. That’s a lot of inches gone!

5. We got into our pool…like…at least twice.

6. I read a book without pictures: The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen — as good as everyone kept saying it was. While it is the first in a series, it still felt like it had a conclusion (which I appreciated).

7. I read a lot of books with pictures.

8. The Ply-o-saurus tried to eat the beluga on his last day at the library.

Ser Chomps-a-lot is HUNGRY.

9. And that’s the end of July…



Pregnancy: Dreams Edition

Over the past 22 weeks I have had some crazy dreams. Apparently this is all normal because pregnant women have to pee in the middle of the night often and thus they wake up during the part of sleep where there are dreams (and thus they remember them more often). Or something like that. I am no exception…I do pee a lot. And I do remember some of my absolutely INSANE dreams. Below are a few of the crazy dreams I’ve experienced…

It all started innocent enough…me and baby boy were snuggling. The next thing you know, I’m being told that he has to get ready to go vote in some kind of election. “Vote?! He’s a baby! He can’t vote,” I tell them. “But he must,” they say. “He’s a BABY! He’s just going to vote the way I want him to.” No one seems bothered by this…. The next thing I know the baby is dressed in some kind of furry outfit — in my dream I’m pretty sure we were living on some Star Wars planet where this kind of furry-ness is normal.

A couple of nights later…I was in a shopping mall in Sydney, Australia (I could see the Opera House). The mall was HUGE, like 6-9 levels all built underground. The next thing you know there’s a terrorist attack and the mall starts to rumble to life because it’s actually a SPACESHIP built for just these kind of issues. If there’s an attack, the mall flies into space to protect the shoppers. We could have lived in space forever, apparently. I don’t know if we ever made it into space, but I do know the Australians were ready for it.

Back in high school?! Or maybe college? Either way it’s school. I’m pretty sure this is one that I’ve had multiple times because there were things happening in the dream that made reference to things “in the past”. Like missing a lot of my math class. In the most recent school dream I was researching a term paper and got distracted. Thus causing myself to be half an hour late for math. And I didn’t even have my math book.

The most confusing dream? There’s a special book room/store that transports you into a different dimension. I had to be back by midnight or else it would mess with my actual timeline. I kept looking for a copy of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, but could only find various volumes of the graphic version of the novel (which doesn’t exist, right?). It felt like a and my boss was there and my niece had to change into her swimsuit. It was so weird, but this book dimension room was huge.

The dreams that are the scariest are those about Jesse leaving me. I wake up terrified he’s really gone every time I have these dreams of abandonment. In one he left me for 3 months. I mean, they’re always so real. Again, apparently these types of dreams are common during pregnancy because…well…it’s a scary time with lots of changes.

Then there are those dreams that shouldn’t be discussed publicly…hormones. You can’t control ‘em.

Did any of your pregnancy dreams stick with you?

June Recap

The last month has been all about unpacking (still), exciting baby news, and a little reading.

The books are on the shelves and no where close to being organized.

We moved at the end of May and we have finally figured out where the bookshelves should go. It was not easy. The house is bigger than our apartment, but more windows also means less wall space. Tricky, indeed. So now our bedroom doubles as our library. We got rid of a lot of books to make ‘em all fit, but sometimes you’ve got to let go of the things you love.


We also finally have a dining room table WITH chairs and a guest bedroom that has a real bed. Plus what will be the baby’s room is empty and ready to be transformed into a nursery. (I’ll admit to several days of distraction from unpacking thanks to the release of Mario Kart 8.)

Week 19.

Mid-month we discovered that our little beluga is a girl! We then had to figure out what to name her…. We’ve always been in agreement on a boy name, but have very different ideas about girl names. The fact that we are now agreed is amazing. I’ll share the beluga’s name in another post in the future ;-)

Week 20.

Jesse felt the baby move for the first time just a couple of days ago. His face was priceless — a mix of astonishment, joy, and fear. It was pretty incredible. The dad’s are really left out of the baby-growing part of the process, so it’s nice that he can finally feel some of what I feel.

As far as reading goes…I’m pretty sure 2014 is the year of abandoned books. (Although I have discovered graphic novels and am enjoying them.) I plan on doing a mid-year reading recap this week, so I’ll save the rest of my book chatter for that post.

Have a happy and safe July!

It's a girl!

Pregnancy: Gender Reveal!

Boy or Girl?!

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, then you already know the exciting news. The Old Wives’ were right! It’s a girl! (Jesse is completely smitten and is already looking forward to a trip to Disneyland so she can meet princesses.)

It's a girl!

The ultrasound was wonderful. She waved at us and had her legs crossed at her ankles just like a little lady. I can’t wait to meet her in November!

We did get to see a few shots with the 3D ultrasound and well…it was interesting. (She’s wearing glasses…so you can properly see what is a blob and what is her face.)

Look at her sweet face!

But do you see the concerning part?

Monster?No idea what the Orc, Norse god, Buffyverse bad guy is doing in there, but it looks like the baby has a knife to protect herself so we’re good. ;-)