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February Recap

This has been  a busy month. I went back to work and am still catching up on everything. I feel like I might never get caught up.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten my reading mojo back. Of course, I’m not reading as much as I did pre-pregnancy, but I finished four books this month!

Evie is growing like a weed. She’s so smart and so sweet and so cute. She had her first photoshoot last weekend with Auntie Cassy. The photos are gorgeous (a sneak peek below).  Seriously, if you’re in the Phoenix area looking for a photographer, give Cassy a call. <3


Life: Baby Fun

We’re 12 weeks into parenthood and you could say we’re enjoying it…. Combined we’ve taken close to a bajillion (or 6,000) photos of Evie, we’ve flown with her, taken her to the zoo, and basically tried to soak up all the baby-goodness we can. Plus we’ve made her into a GIF and a meme ;-)

Hey look! She’s dancin':

dancing baby

Part of Jesse’s meme-madness:

seriously?! superhero practiceThis makes it look like I never put my child in clothes…but I swear, I do! We’ve just caught her in the middle of bedtime prep and doctor appointments here.

January Recap

Started the year off not with a bang or even a sizzle but with snoring. We celebrated the new year with the East Coast and we managed to get Evie to bed three minutes before midnight. She then slept over 7 hours!

We saw a movie (Into the Woods) — without the baby! The grandparents came over to watch her and I missed her the whole time.

Evie slept at least 7 hours nearly every night in January! Who’s the luckiest mommy in the world? Let’s hope she keeps this up as I return to work…

Mommy and baby made a goal to leave the house at least once a day even if just for a walk…and we managed it successfully more than once.

We made a quick trip to Denver so Evie could meet Jesse’s dad. Around the time of our trip, Evie discovered her tongue — she sticks it out at us all the time. It’s super cute.

We visited Butterfly Wonderland AND the Phoenix Zoo! We were very busy during our last weekend together (Jesse’s schedule changed to having weekdays off again).  We snapped a couple of cute photos of Evie with butterflies (yes…she is dressed like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Jesse wanted them to match). <3

Evie slept through most of the zoo, but she was pretty alert at BW — mainly because you can’t take a stroller in so she was either carried by Jesse or in the Sakura Bloom with me. While she did sleep a little, it was also SUPER humid in there so she was a sweaty mess which didn’t help her sleep. (And she sleeps a lot at night so those long naps during the day are becoming distant memories.)

What is this thing?
What is this thing?

I read books (and not just board books with Evie!).

We discovered that Evie likes Friends. I’m pretty sure she thinks they are real people in our living room and we managed to finish it before I head back to work. We clearly need more things to do outside of our house.

We tried several recipes found on Pinterest…and we were successful with all attempts!

#todayiam having soup. #yummy #estellagram #pinterest

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Evie started daycare at the end of the month…that was really hard. Really, really hard. But we cleaned up her room a bit — put away her Newborn and 0-3 month clothes. (And some of her Gerber 3-6 month onesies — those are definitely the equivalent of a men’s slim cut vs a regular fit.) By the end of the week I managed to NOT call and check in on her. I even managed to starting feeling like me again instead of just mommy — I got a haircut, bought a couple new cardigans, finished another Shutterfly project, read over half of another book.  Despite all of that me time, it was so good to have her back with me on Saturday and Sunday.

Going back to work will be very weird. I have to remember how to interact with adults and, generally, just how to do my job. I have to get used to my weird schedule again and figure out how I’m going to manage that schedule with a baby and pumping and feeding her and daycare. So much is different!

Wish me luck! I’m back to work tomorrow!

Going home.

A Quick Trip to Denver

Jesse’s dad lives in Wyoming so we decided to go on an adventure to visit him. We flew into Denver in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, slept for a few hours, hung out with family and friends, and left on Sunday morning. While I didn’t get to visit THE bookstore in Denver, I did get to experience Casa Bonita. (Jesse made me watch the South Park episode when we got back home).

Just a cliff-diver because every restaurant should have one. #slomo

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Evie was a superstar. She didn’t sleep on the way there — way too much new stuff for her to check out. But while we were there she was fantastic and on the way back she even napped a little on the plane. Thank goodness for the Internet and Googling how to successfully fly with a baby (it’s all about letting her eat during takeoff and landing)!


IntoTheWoodsI love the musical INTO THE WOODS and have the American Playhouse production with Bernadette Peters as the Witch on iTunes. I used to borrow the VHS from my local library as a kid/teen and watch it over and over. If you’re a fan of retelling fairy tales, then you need to see this musical. It’s wonderfully clever with great music.

Considering my love of the original, I was more than a little skeptical of Disney adapting the stage production into a film — it’s Disney…will they keep all the deaths? The sexual innuendo? The adult themes? Plus there were rumors about changes — even Sondheim said in an interview over the summer that a certain character wouldn’t die and that they were cutting some songs while adding new songs. Some changes are expected, there’s no way they could be completely faithful…I guess.

I didn’t mind most of the casting choices — everyone pretty much played their part well. The duet between the Prince Charmings is very well done and I was surprised by how much I liked the fellow that played the Baker. Though Johnny Depp was just…umm…wrong and weird and kind of pointless. I also felt Tracy Ullman took away the funniness of Jack’s mother. She seemed like she hated him for his idiocy rather than loved him for it (and goodness! the abuse!).

While the second act has never been my favorite part of the musical (it can be a little sluggish), the film completely massacred it (instead of fast forwarding to year later, it’s like the next day…what?). It’s sugar coated (imho) which is silly considering they kept in the creepy, sexual wolf and made him even more creepy and a pedophile more than a wolf — Depp looks perfectly human but with claws. I also felt that overall some of the humor was played down to make everything feel more dark and gloomy. (Which also goes against them keeping some characters alive.) AND there were story lines that just faded away in the end…it’s like they wanted to make the first act into a film, but couldn’t figure out how to completely cut out the second act…so they sliced it up into little tiny pieces. (Or maybe I’ve seen the American Playhouse version so many times they couldn’t even compete with its perfection.)

If you want to see the movie, by all means do so…but DO NOT watch the American Playhouse production first. You’ll only be disappointed by the film, but you could always just skip the Disney movie and watch the stage production — really. Do that instead. I bet you can even rent it on iTunes for less than the price of a movie ticket.

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