2011 Goals & Resolutions

What will my 2011 look like…more reading, less spending, more movies, less time at home, more blogging, less lameness =tricky.


1. Read more books (25% of this total will be books that I already own and rereads totally count!) – I’m thinking 100 books for 2011. I managed 70 in 2010 and that included two HUGE Ken Follett books, the lengthy “summer sensation” The Passage and I slogged my way through Freedom. I can totally manage 100 books…at least I’ll try.
2. Write something about the book so that later I remember the little things, like what I liked and didn’t like. (I’ve read The Zookeeper’s Wife and I remember liking it…but I gave it 4 stars. Did I like it THAT much?)
3. The Heroine’s Bookshelf Reading Challenge – this just sounds like fun! While rereads don’t count (I’ve already read 8 out of 12), it finally gives me a reason to read Little Women, Jane Eyre (totally dreading it), The Secret Garden, and the Claudine novels. I’ll post more about this later…
4. Read outside of my comfort zone. For example, I had never really considered steampunk as something I’m into, but now that I’ve experienced the genre, I really dig it. While it wasn’t a huge leap outside of what I already read, it was a little genre-bending/blending.
5. Make progress on the Pulitzer Project. One book or five…it’s better than zero! Since I own copies of the winning fiction book from the last 10 years, this one should be really easy! Anyone want to join me on this one? It might make it easier to get through some of them…


1. Leave the house. While my weekends are busy, my weekdays are not. I go to work, then come home and watch TV. Lame. I need to find something to do M-Th after 6pm at least one night a week. (Even going to see a movie by myself is better than sitting at home and there are loads of movies I want to see, but I never see them. The last two movies I saw were Tangled and Megamind – that’s right, kids movies. My niece is incredibly lucky to have me as her Auntie.)
2. Spend less. (For example, don’t buy books I’m not going to read even if they ARE on the 3 for 2 table or super cheap at Savers – but I am allowed to buy books that help achieve the goals up top.)
3. Start/join/find a book club in my area – this could help with goal #1. I really want something that involves discussion about books, but could also lead to valuable and lasting friendships. (Friends are hard to find once you’re out of school.)
4. Travel – this is more of a lifetime goal (I only get two weeks of vacation, folks!), but there are places I want to see and it’s possible to take a couple off the list this year (NYC, Montana, Hawaii, Paris, London, Sydney, Russia…).
5. Blog more. I’m really going to try to post at least twice a week, but will probably only post once a week. Either way – this means I’m participating in the WordPress challenge. Encourage me! We’ll see if it happens. (I’m also hoping to become a little more focused…)


1. Make it happen. (I’m not going to say any more than that. But trust me – I’m going to make it happen. And when I do, you will all know what I mean by this.)
2. While I love my job now, if it happens in the next year that I come to hate it – do something about it. Do not suffer in a thankless environment simply for the paycheck. Do not let any job become what The Dill was way back in 2007.

6 thoughts on “2011 Goals & Resolutions”

  1. Great resolutions!

    I can’t believe you read that much though and I must admit it makes me super jealous. I don’t even think I read more than 30 books a year… Maybe I need to reevaluate my reading habits?

    I also think a book club would be a good idea. Time to find one!


  2. I like your resolutions, I never get around making my own… this year i’m trying to set i few goals for myself. Love your books goal, really need to start reading more and i should tell you 100 books; i might copy that goal ^_^.

    About the travel one, I know your pain; two weeks vacation a year is annoying when it comes to planning, my bagpacking trip has been split in small sections trough the past couple of years hehe…

    Happy new year!

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