Adventures in Discworld

While my first Terry Pratchett experience was Good Omens – a joint venture with Neil Gaiman – I’ve heard great things about Discworld and wanted to take a peak inside. There are dozens of books in the series and there’s no need to read the books in order. In fact, there are several sites that offer recommendations for reading order – chronological by publication or based on sub-series. While the Watch novels are considered “the best” by some on the Interwebz, I decided to read the Witches novels (you see…none of my local libraries had a copy of the first Watch novel – Guards! Guards!).

Equal Rites was very cute and funny. I hope to see more of Eskarina Smith and Granny Weatherwax in future books (yes, I’ll read more).

One thing I love about Discworld is the incredible number of resources available on the web thanks to all the awesomely dedicated fans. If you’re interested in taking a trip to Discworld, these are the places you should visit to help you in your travels:

The L-Space Web –
Terry Pratchett’s Website –
The Discworld Wiki –
Wikipedia’s Many Discworld Entries – Discworld, Discworld, Discworld, Discworld.

Happy reading!

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