Let’s play catch up…

April ended up being busy and May started like April finished. When the sun is shining and the warmth comes with it, I like to spend any and all spare time in the sun. And I’ve spent the last three of four weekends not at my house. Seriously, lots of family time.

That’s why this past weekend was a wonderful time to just relax in the sun with a book. I finally got around to reading A Visit from the Goon Squad (loved it) AND Robopocalypse (lots of fun – comes out in June).  I also read the new Sookie Stackhouse last week and was disappointed  yet again…did the TV show ruin Harris’ ideas or did it ruin me? Because I do love me some True Blood.

I’ve also read a couple prepubs that I really enjoyed. The American Heiress and Before I Go to Sleep are both great summer reads. The American Heiress is perfect for those with Downton Abbey withdrawals while Before I Go to Sleep is an awesome, can’t-put-it-down, awake-all-night, psychological thriller.

In addition to the crazy number of awesome books coming out, it’s summer blockbuster time. I haven’t seen Thor yet, but I did check out Bridesmaids this weekend and it is hilarious!  Watch it!

It’s going to be a very busy summer.

2 thoughts on “Let’s play catch up…”

  1. I am having Downton Abbey withdrawals so am very much looking forward to The American Heiress – I think I’m first on the holds list. It always seems like I don’t get as much reading done in the summer as in the fall and winter – maybe because it is so nice out and lighter, too.

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