Crafting with…umm…cat hair?

I have no idea why we ordered this book. Perhaps because the tag line is “Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat” and someone thought, “Oh! Wonderful. I’ve always wanted to do craft projects with my cat and I’m sure others do to.” Of course, they didn’t realize that it really means make “handicrafts” WITH your cat…or just it’s hair.

Oh yes. This is real.

There are many different uses for your cat’s hair…you can make badges, book covers, or craft some cat hair into the figure of a cat and slap it on a scarf! There are just so many possibilities.

One of my FAVORITE parts of the book is this warning:

I laughed out loud. Like really loud.

After the “WTF” finally passed, I looked a little closer and learned that this was originally published in Japanese and it’s been TRANSLATED into English. There’s just THAT much demand for cat hair craft ideas. After one little Google search, I learned that there really are people who dig this other than the author. Am I alone in thinking this is really odd? I can’t believe I missed the buzz about this book back in October. HOW COULD I MISS SOMETHING THIS AWESOME?!

OK…so then I looked a little closer. It’s published by Quirk. They are amazing and the “seekers of all things awesome.” I mean, is anything more awesome than a book about making crafts out of your cat’s hair? I think not.

I will have to start brushing Eleanor/Elinor immediately so I can make a cat hair portrait of her.

When’s the sequel Crafting with Dog Hair coming out? I expect to see some full size dog hair sculptures.

10 thoughts on “Crafting with…umm…cat hair?”

    1. The end result is pretty cute, but still…cat hair? The collection process is what creeps me out most. My imagination takes it to a gross place of collecting the cat hair from random places around the house even though the book suggests gathering the hair while brushing.

  1. I saw this book back in the fall and still have it in my Amazon cart! I thought it was so funny and wanted to buy it, but just can’t make myself spend money on it. 🙂

    1. The beauty of the library! It’s definitely one of those books that’s so strange you just HAVE to look at it, but at the same time I remember that I would most likely never have craft-time with Eleanor/Elinor!

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