I gave Fifty Shades a try and it was found wanting.

I made it through eight chapters, that’s roughly 28% of the first book in this ridiculously popular series. This also means I made it past the first sexual encounter between Christian and Ana. Ummm. It took seven chapters to get there…far from “mommy porn” if you ask me.

Why am I abandoning this book? Because I’ve read enough to know it’s not a book that I want to continue reading. For one, I don’t read a lot of Romance, so all of this biting of the lip related passion is too over-the-top for me. I’m pretty sure it’s too much for even those that DO read Romance.

Also re: the abandonment of this book: from what I’ve read, it is glaringly obvious that Christian is a sexed up Edward Cullen while Anastasia is clearly that same clumsy Bella. I’ve read Twilight, I don’t really need to read it with sexual encounters. I can tolerate bad writing for a good story, that’s why I enjoyed Twilight so much the first time I read it. However, the second reading made other problems with the book more obvious and the rest of the books were not nearly as entertaining. Anyway, as I was saying, Edward was already kind of a creepy, abusive boyfriend, I don’t need to read a book where the dude actually IS a creepy, stalker Dominate (and yes, these traits are made clear in the first eight chapters…Christian tracks Ana’s CELL PHONE and then proceeds to go snatch her from a club where she is incredibly intoxicated).

If I ever decide that I need some erotica in my life, I think I’ll ask the people that know the genre best where to begin. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a shining example of BDSM.

The strangest thing about this book is that it reminded me of Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho…probably because that’s the only book that I remember reading that details any kind of sadomasochism. After all, I get most of my BDSM fixes from crime dramas on cable.

Finally…I have NO idea why this book is so popular. Luckily, if anyone ever says, “I read Fifty Shades of Grey and really liked it, what should I read next?,” there are people out there who know this genre far better than me and had the patience to make it through this book. Thank you, Dear Author!

OK…so have any of you read Fifty Shades? Did I give up too soon? Did I waste my time even attempting it?

One thought on “I gave Fifty Shades a try and it was found wanting.”

  1. I greatly despised this book! Christian is such a creeper, it really worries me that people condone this behaviour. I hate that this book is so popular because everything about it is….wrong.

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