Weekend Reading

Considering the dark that is a Gillian Flynn novel, I’m not sure she spends much time in the sun, but this copy loved it.

I was hesitant to snag the prepub of Gone Girl out of our box at work because I didn’t have a good Gillian Flynn experience the first time around. I read Sharp Objects a few years ago and I didn’t like the main character. She was a little too dark and twisty for my liking…the whole book was. But I’ve heard nothing but AMAZING things about Gone Girl for a couple of months now so I finally snagged it and…well…wow. Everyone was right. This book is amazing.

It’s one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve ever read. I’m not terribly attracted to all of those thriller/mystery/suspense series books out there, so I’m always happy to find a stand-alone. The last few psycological fiction novels I’ve read, I have enjoyed. I mean, Before I Go To Sleep and Sister are two of my faves from last year, but those two books are child’s play compared to the genius that is Gone Girl. I don’t want to say a lot about it because I don’t want to spoil it (I ruined it for Jesse because I HAD to talk about it).

Even Ellie-cat liked Gone Girl. She didn’t try to eat it, she just wanted to be near it.

One thing though: It makes for a very interesting comparison to the other books I’ve read recently regarding marriage. Shine, Shine, Shine and Wife 22 are marriage-on-the-rocks reads so it’s been a good time seeing how different authors handle the subject.

After falling in love with Gone Girl, I knew it was going to be tricky picking my next read. I knew I’d need to pick something awesome…something super entertaining…something that could handle hours in the sun.

I picked The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I read The Name of the Wind last summer and while my copy almost lost a few pages due to a glue malfunction, the story was definitely amazing and helped me stay in the sun for hours. I mean, that is how I choose my weekend reads over the summer…will it keep me entertained and distracted enough for a few hours in the sunny, 100+ degrees weather?

Nap time with Kvothe

Did it, you ask? Yes. Kvothe’s story is still worthy of a day in the sun. Both kittehs approve, too. (I may have stopped reading for a considerable amount of time today to try to infect the world with bacteria. I mean, not in real life, in a game. Jesse introduced me to Plague Inc this morning. That might have been a bad idea…I’ve played on both my iPad and phone throughout the day. It really cut into my reading time…and my do-something-productive time.)

Kvothe and I will be spending some more time together throughout the week…you know, when I can take the time to stop playing that stupid game.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading”

  1. Yay for another Arizona blogger. I don’t feel like there are very many of us.

    I just started reading Gone Girl. I liked Sharp Objects alright, but I wasn’t blown away, so I’m glad to hear that you were so impressed by it. I definitely like it so far. It’s my treadmill book, but I can see myself getting hooked and wanting to buzz through it.

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