Retelling Fairy Tales: Cinderella

What fairy tale should I work on next? Beauty & the Beast? Sleeping Beauty? Rapunzel?

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Aschenputtel. Cenerentola. Cendrillon. Cinder Maid. Yeh-Shen. Tam. She’s known by many names in many cultures and she’s the star of one of the most popular fairy tales: Cinderella. The tale of a girl rising from the ashes is still popular in literature today (and on the big & small screens) with many Cinder-girl remixes published over the years. We’ve got descriptions of some of our favorites below and more titles on our Fairy Tales board on Pinterest. And remember, fairy tales make children more intelligent! Albert Einstein said so. 😉

Twisted Cinderella Tales:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
A cyborg Cinderella featuring all the basics: a ball, a “slipper”, an evil stepmother/caretaker, step sisters, a prince, non-human friends, and a “godmother”. Of course, the bonus is that there’s also an evil Queen! Cinder is the first book in a four-part series called the Lunar Chronicles

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