DUNE Read-Along!

I’m super excited to finally read DUNE by Frank Herbert and it’s even better to read books with others! I’ve wanted to read DUNE for a couple of years — it’s one of those books I’ve always heard about & last year it was voted one of the top Sci-Fi/Fantasy books by NPR readers. BUT I could never find a copy in a bookstore and it isn’t one I’d borrow from the library (too long…). So I finally broke down and ordered a copy online. Now the read-along is almost here!

This read-along is hosted by Melissa @ One Librarian’s Book Reviews and starts on July 8th! Melissa @ 1LBR decided to spread the read-along out over the last three weeks in July (not too fast and not too slow…perfect!). The schedule is below…I hope you decide to join in! 🙂

July 8-14: Book 1, discussion questions posted on July 14th
July 15-21: Book 2, discussion questions posted on July 21st
July 22-28: Book 3, discussion questions posted on July 28th

(Yes…I feel the need to always type the title in all-CAPS because it just seems like a word one should yell. DUNE!)


A little about DUNE:

Frank Herbert
Published: 1965
Series: Yes (of course it is!)…Herbert wrote five sequels. Since his death his son has written prequels and additional sequels with another writer. It has since become more than just a series of books…it’s movies, TV, games. You name it — there’s something DUNE related.
Awards: DUNE won both the Hugo and Nebula awards.

  • Wikipedia – The more popular a series, the more information you will find on Wikipedia. Holy smokes…DUNE is a whole new world! It’s good to know that if I ever get lost while reading, Wikipedia will help me.
  • DUNE Wiki – Of course, there’s also an entire Wiki dedicated to DUNE (and it has a map!)
  • Dunepedia – Any series that needs it’s own encyclopedia must be awesome! (The tricky part is learning how to navigate all of these wikis,etc)
  • Star Wars OriginsDUNE is one of the inspirations for Star Wars? I had no idea…(this site also goes into Herbert’s inspirations for writing DUNE AND compares DUNE and Star Wars)
From my quick interwebz searches, it’s clear that DUNE is a big deal. I hope I can handle it. (Seriously, I’m nervous I’m going to hate it.)

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