Dune Read-Along: Book 2

No lie…Book 2 was a struggle to get through which is why I’m posting this on Monday evening instead of Saturday. (Plus one of my bestest friends was in town for the weekend so I didn’t get a chance to read much!) Anyway…here’s the discussion questions for Book 2. If you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, visit Melissa @ One Librarian’s Book Reviews to join in!

Spoilers ahead!

1. Was Liet’s identity a surprise? Who do you think he really works for? 
When I first looked at these questions, I didn’t even know that there was a Liet anywhere in this book. Everyone has like a million names. As far as who he worked for…either himself or I’m thinking the Emperor is up to something no one understands.

2. What do you think of the Fremen culture? Is this a culture you think you’d enjoy spending some time with?
Negatory. They’re a little too violent for my taste (and this taking the water from a dead person…do they drink BLOOD?). However, I do like that they’re trying to change their planet for the good.

3. What do you think of Count Fenring’s unusual verbal mannerisms?
SO ANNOYING and I think he fakes it JUST to annoy people. He didn’t do it when he was talking to just his wife/mistress/purchased-nun-like-woman.

4. This is a far future empire with very little in the way of computerization. Information is often passed down orally, and schools (such as the Mentats and the Bene Gesserit) have formed to train young people in memorization and information processing. What are you thoughts on a scifi story that is very “low-tech”? Does that sound like a feasible future? a ridiculous one?
I don’t think of it as low-tech, I think of it as INCREDIBLY hi-tech. In the first book, they discussed how they started relying too much on machines, etc and then they had the test to determine if someone was human. So I assumed they made computers SO ADVANCED that they look and act like humans. Which is why Paul is so special, right? He’s both human and mentat…(I’m sure that’s wrong, but it’s all I’ve got right now).

5. If you found the beginning of the book tough to get into, do you find that you’re having an easier time with the middle portion, now that all the “set-up” is complete?
I’m CERTAIN not all the set-up is complete even after getting through Book 2. We’re probably going to go hang with the Emperor now and have to learn even more names. This second section was a tough read because I was kind of bored…where’s the action?!

6. The center portion of the book is still pretty dialog heavy, but what I’ve noticed is the subtlety of the dialog. Things left unsaid are often more important than things that are said. What do you think of that as a stylistic choice? does it make the dialog more interesting? less interesting?
It does nothing for me. I need something to happen. I’m really beginning to wonder why so many people love this book/series? Something pretty magical is going to happen in Book 3, right? Like suddenly it will all make sense?

7. Dune was written in the 60′s. Does it feel dated to you? How does it compare, writing style-wise, to more contemporary science fiction you’ve read?
I feel like contemporary science fiction is more fast-paced and action heavy. While the 60s was quite a while ago, it doesn’t feel old enough to make this feel dated. But I don’t think it would be published today as it was in the 60s. If it were today, it would be published as multiple books, not just one book with three sections.

8. If you’ve never read this book before, where do you think the storyline is headed?
No freakin’ clue. I’m guessing the Emperor is going to come into play as both a good and bad guy…that’s possible, right?

One thought on “Dune Read-Along: Book 2”

  1. I hope it does get better in that third book or this will all be for naught! I actually agree with most of what you said, though I hadn’t though about things that way. Definitely the Fremen are totally violent (and the gross water death thing – not sure about blood, but I don’t want to know how they get all the body’s water out…). And the high-tech/low-tech aspect – I completely forgot about that part where they detect machines that look like people. I guess it was more that there aren’t a lot of technical descriptions. Here’s hoping something exciting happens!

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