Dune Read-Along: Book 3

I have finally finished DUNE! There’s nothing like struggling through a book to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Spoilers Ahead

1. What is your reaction to finally learning the identity of Princess Irulan? Do you think that her convention added to the story?
I didn’t really have a reaction to it at all…I mean, she’s been in the book from the beginning so she had to play some huge role in Paul’s life to know so much about him.

2. Were you satisfied with the ending? For those reading for the first time, was it what you expected?
I was satisfied because it was over. That sounds so harsh, but reading DUNE wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me. Quiet honestly, it put me to sleep on more than one occasion and confused the hell out of me on many others. And for a book that many have called the greatest science fiction novel of all time, it was DEFINITELY not what I expected. It makes me feel like people proclaim how awesome it is because they think it makes them sound cool.

3. On both Arrakis and Salusa Secundus, ecology plays a major role in shaping both characters and the story itself. Was this convincing? Do you think that Paul would have gone through with his threat to destroy the spice, knowing what it would mean for Arrakis?
Considering how full of himself Paul seemed from the beginning, I absolutely think he would destroy the planet and all the people on it to prove a point.

4. Both Leto and Paul made their decisions on marriage for political reasons. Do you agree with their choices?
Since marriage seems to ONLY be a political tool in this universe, it makes sense that these were their choices. Since I think marriage should be based on love and commitment, I disagree with their choices. But I live in my universe and they live in theirs so I can’t really judge.

5. What was your favorite part in this section of the book?
I can’t say I had one…I found the Appendices far more interesting than the rest of the book. The afterword by Brian Herbert made me appreciate the book’s place in history a little more (and because I’m always curious, it made me interested in the rest of the series…but that’s not happening. I’ll watch the miniseries.)

6. Herbert used the word “jihad” on a number of occasions. What do you think of Herbert’s message about religion and politics?
These days, “jihad” is a word tossed around a lot in the media — especially in relation to 9/11 and all that came after it. So the use throughout the book definitely caught my attention and made me curious about Herbert’s use of the word. Since the book was published decades ago, of course it has nothing to do with events of today, but it made the book seem very current. It also makes it clear that in religion and politics…little seems to change. It doesn’t matter the decade, the country, the universe, the planet…it just doesn’t matter where you are…religion and politics go hand in hand — and I’m pretty sure Herbert felt that was a bad thing since Paul didn’t want it to happen.

Remember…worms are gross but handy for riding into battle. 

Now that the DUNE Read-Along is finished, I plan to take a break from any and all science fiction until I have had my fill of historical fiction. I am in much need of some “everyday life” reading and maybe I’ll go play in the rain…

4 thoughts on “Dune Read-Along: Book 3”

  1. Despite the fact that you really didn’t like the book, your answers had be laughing! #3 – hahahaha! Oh, how none of the characters are loveable. Thanks for reading along with me to the bitter end 🙂

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