DIY Crafty Goodness…An Attempt.

I am not crafty. I know this about myself. It is simply a fact. I can’t cut a straight line and this alone means I can’t do many other things that require straight lines. I accepted this fact a long time ago. My sister has all the crafty genes.

Despite my lack of craftiness, the wedding means I have to attempt crafts. I’m not rich so I can’t afford to buy everything from Etsy. (However, now that I consider everything I’ve purchased over the last week, I probably should have paid a crafty person.)

Thanks to Pinterest and the many wedding blogs, I’ve discovered many DIY goodies for the wedding. Most of which say something like “SUPER EASY DIY CRAFTY GOODNESS TUTORIAL”. (HAHAHAHAHAHA.) One of my favorites is paper rosettes. They’re simple, colorful, and make a great backdrop. BUT they aren’t nearly as easy as all of these “tutorials” claim them to be.

As I was telling my sister earlier, there are many things crafty people simply assume everyone knows. Like which way to start folding the damn piece of paper. Or how to cut straight. And what does my crafty sister say?! “Use a ruler.” See what I mean? How am I supposed to know that? (Yes, one of my purchases over the weekend was a paper cutter.)

Anyway, learning new things is good and I’ll only get better with practice. Practice makes perfect and learning new skills builds brain cells or something, right?

After much frustration on Sunday, I FINALLY managed to make two somewhat decent looking rosettes on Tuesday evening. (I’ve also learned that I can’t fold straight or consistently.) I used different methods for each one trying to figure out the best way…LOTS of trial & error here, folks. For example, the solid orange one uses two 12×12 sheets of paper while the polka dot one uses three. The blue one uses three sheets of 8.5×11, while the tiny multi-colored one is one piece of 12×12 paper (which is NOT easy to cut in half once it’s all folded up!!!). And FEW tutorials mention this, but I’m going to say it now: CARD STOCK IS HARD TO FOLD. I feel this is another one of those crafty people assumptions…

If I had thought of it sooner, I would have just used white paper and spray painted that shiz later. Another thing that would have been easier than trying to find scrap-booking paper that I actually liked.

But alas…the wedding is in 45 days, I don’t have a lot of time to go changing things up!

If you’re interested in making your own paper rosettes for a wall decoration, backdrop, or to fill your life with pretty, below are the tutorials I’m using (Yes, it took MULTIPLE tutorials for me — For me, the more visuals the better.)

Finally…the Sweet-Lord-Why-Didn’t-I-Find-This-SOONER? tutorial:

  • Design DazzleDIY Paper Rosettes (OUT OF TEMPORARY BLINDS! NO FREAKIN’ FOLDING! Of course, now I’ve already purchased a crapload of stinkin’ paper.)

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