Dreams of my wedding.

I’ve had A LOT of wedding-related dreams, I’ve mentioned this before. I’m sure it’s totally normal and many brides have them. The surprising part is the variety of my dreams. It seems the closer we get (13 days away), the fewer dreams I’ve had though — probably because they’re so traumatic my subconscious is protecting me from them…or something.

Dream 1: I suddenly find myself in a car on the 60 with my MOH and we’re going to the wedding. All seems well and good until I look at the clock to check the time. It’s 6:15. The wedding is at 5:00. How in the world did we become so delayed? I call Jesse in a PANIC and he’s all, “no big.” And I wake up.

Dream 2: A variation of the previous dream except the JP is threatening to leave if I’m not there in a matter of seconds.

Dream 3: The Justice of the Peace doesn’t show up.

Dream 4: This one is weird. It’s after the wedding and I don’t remember anything about it. I don’t remember saying “I do”, I don’t remember taking photos, I remember nothing. Finally after much freaking out, I realize that there are at least a few photos for me to peruse, but I still remember nothing.

Dream 5: Jesse breaks up with a week before the wedding because I’m a heinous bitch. (He assures me this will not happen.)

Dream 6: Another variation on Dream 1 — Jesse and I are in a car together and realize we’re incredibly late to our own wedding. #fail

Dream 7: This one really blows: every photo taken of that day is blurry.

Dream 8: No one shows up.

Dream 9: Prior to the wedding everyone refuses to help set-up because I am a “bridezilla” even though a bride can’t HELP but be a bridezilla because she just wants the day to be perfect for everyone.

I hope these stop soon. In other news, I have quite the collection of red lipstick


So far the one that stays best is a lipstain — not stick — and it was only $9. I will not share how much I’ve spent on these red makeups because you will all be disgusted.

This isn’t the only obsession I’ve catered to throughout the wedding planning process, but I’ll share the other after the wedding. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dreams of my wedding.”

  1. Oooh, I wonder how much crazier your dreams will get as you get closer to the day?
    I found a pretty good red the other day – it is a lip stain – Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss in Very Berry. I actually don’t hate it on myself as I do other reds. And it stays put for a pretty long time!

    1. I know! I’m definitely not looking forward to anymore wedding nightmares!

      The stain I really like is by Revlon in their Just Bitten line. It comes with a lip balm to prevent drying. It’s pretty cool!

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