Year in Numbers: 2016

Reading Life:

Books Read: 90
Books Abandoned: 0 (however…)
Books Still in Progress: 8 (and some of them have been on this shelf for YEARS. I really need to clean it up.)

Pulitzer Prize winning books read: None…But I did read The Underground Railroad (it won the National Book Award for Fiction).

Other book related things:

I really like the Goodreads Stats view, it makes for a super quick snapshot of one’s year in books.

Here’s another lovely summary from Goodreads:
I like seeing what other’s have (or haven’t) read. I mean, how surprised are ya’ll that no one else has read a short history on public policy as it relates to marijuana — especially during an election year when there were SO many initiatives to legalize pot. Uninformed public, man. It’s a problem. 😉

Life Life:

Blog Posts: 7. Umm…hi! I’m still here. Sometimes. It’s been a busy and trying year as you can see by….
Homes purchased: 1 – Renters no more! And we moved from our beloved east valley suburbs to the northwest valley. We’ve fancied up the master bathroom, bought new furniture, and planted lovely flowers. It’s been about six months and there’s still SO MUCH we want to do.
Jobs: 2! Well, not at the same time. I’m no longer a public librarian, but I DO still give book talks with my friend Anbolyn (we have another one coming up in early March!). My current position is with a small business with great perks and I do lots of fun (to me) research. (Jesse ALSO accepted a new position in his company).
Hobbies: Perfectly Posh ❤. And reading…and coloring…and yoga…and I think that covers all the things I do for fun. Oh wait, Target! I shop there a lot. AND hunting down amazing leggings from LuLaRoe consultants.
Time Spent Chasing a Toddler: I can’t even tell you how busy that kid keeps me. She’s now in the “I don’t want to wear clothes” phase of toddlerhood.

And an aside about Best Books…

It’s best books time! Combine all the best books lists and the holidays — seriously, my favorite time of year. I love to see the variety of titles combined with the clear standout titles that make it on all the lists.

I recommend checking out the #libfaves16 list, Book Riot readers favorites, and Entertainment Weekly’s picks. Plus Earlyword always has excellent summary spreadsheets for those of us that REALLY want to see aggregated results. Thanks to the hard work of Nora and her Earlyword team, I know that the eight fiction titles below were on 7+ year-end lists. I also know that I read three of them and only liked one of them…

Author Title Publisher Name Number of Picks
Whitehead, Colson The Underground Railroad Doubleday 12
Gyasi, Yaa Homegoing Knopf 10
Woodson, Jacqueline Another Brooklyn Amistad 9
Chabon, Michael Moonglow Harper 8
Patchett, Ann Commonwealth Harper 8
Cline, Emma The Girls Random House 7
Hill, Nathan The Nix Knopf 7
Strout, Elizabeth My Name Is Lucy Barton Random House 7

I may not have read as many books this year as in years past, but I did read a few great ones (check out my #libfaves tweets OR follow me on Goodreads). A couple of my favorites that were published in 2016, I read last year. (And then I forgot that I read them and LOVED them…oopsies! I’m looking at you My Name is Lucy Barton and American Housewife! So sorry I forgot you).  Anyway, just wanted to share my love of best books lists. 🙂


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