Year in Numbers: 2016

Reading Life: Books Read: 90 Books Abandoned: 0 (however…) Books Still in Progress: 8 (and some of them have been on this shelf for YEARS. I really need to clean it up.) Pulitzer Prize winning books read: None…But I did read The Underground Railroad (it won the National Book Award for Fiction). Other book related things: I really like the Goodreads Stats view, it makes for a super quick snapshot of one’s year in books. Here’s another lovely summary from Goodreads: I like seeing what other’s have (or haven’t) read. I mean, how surprised are ya’ll that no one else … Continue reading Year in Numbers: 2016

Space Rocks.

Astronauts. Shine Shine Shine.¬†Gravity. The Martian. Commander Hadfield. Mars Rovers. Red Rising. Marissa Meyer. Mars One. Konapun. (These are all the things that somehow connect in my mind to lead to this blog post.) Space is a happening place. It’s got all of those stars and planets and asteroids and stuff. Mars is especially cool. After all, it is the most habitable planet after Earth (according to Mars One & maybe others). Within the next couple of weeks, there are two new, buzzy books coming out starring the red planet, so see…it IS really cool because there are new books. … Continue reading Space Rocks.