Here’s the Scoop.


I’m Melissa.

I am these things:

Avid Reader.
Wonderful Wife.
Marvelous Mom.
Learned Librarian.
Crazy Cat Lady.
Coffee Guzzler.
PokemonGo Nerd.
Sporadic Crafter.
Rabid Researcher.
Soup Enthusiast.
Emerging Yogi.
Random Blogger.
Unseasoned Gardener.

This site started many years ago as a merger of many different blogs I had started. It was stories about library school, my ramblings on the whereabouts of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, book reviews & lists, my pondering on why people think Jennifer Lawrence is fat, random recipes, personal stories (both tragic and happy), job hunting successes & disappointments, my experience planning my wedding, and excessive uses of ellipses & parentheses.

Some of my old posts are still public and I update sporadically.

In the meantime, you can keep in touch via Instagram, Twitter, Litsy, or Goodreads — I try to use the same username (look for melissarochelle). Or if you’re looking for something to read, you can browse through a few of the books I’ve included in presentations over the past couple of years and definitely check out my Goodreads account.

If you want to be friends on PokemonGo, please add me: 8883 5886 1185 (CrazedCatLady).




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