Life: Posh the Vote!

I wrote about my Posh Life (aka my new beauty obsession) a few weeks ago. I’m still obsessed.

This entire month has been filled with Perfectly Posh birthday celebrations — 5x the items in an order, Spooky Posh, a FANTASTIC splurge of the month. PLUS they’re celebrating this election cycle with the Posh the Vote campaign (because — let’s be real — this election cycle has been stressful, so pampering is NEEDED).

Vote for your favorite foot balm through September 27th. Whichever one wins will be on sale September 28th-October 5th. Look for a new pair to battle it out over the coming weeks!

Two items from the Play Footsie collection are up this week (voting ends tomorrow) and I really wasn’t sure which I liked more. I’ve used all of the products in the Play Footsie line (real talk: my feet were gross), but I couldn’t really tell a difference between the foot balms. Well…I fixed that!


First, my footsie transformation:

daily-grindI don’t have a photo of this because…who wants to document how gross their feet were?! My transformation started with a Snarky bar — the Daily Grind to be exact. I scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed and after a couple of uses my feet were feeling pretty. Plus my showers smelled like chocolate coffee — not the MOST relaxing scent, but for a coffee addict it’s heaven!

rubby-scrubbyAfter seeing results, I decided to give the Rubby Scrubby a try. My friend Sara had used it and said it was pretty great, and she hadn’t steered me in the wrong direction yet! It’s an exfoliating soap stick — so a little easier to hang on to than a snarky bar — and it smells like peppermint and thyme essential oils. It’s a little tingly, a little scrubby, and a whole lotta great. At least twice a week, I double up and use whichever snarky bar I grab (I have several now) and my Rubby Scrubby.

After my shower when my footsies are nice and clean, I grab one of three items: Schwanky & Soft Exfoliating Foot Creme, Cool Your Sole Foot Balm, or Warm Your Sole Foot Balm. If I didn’t exfoliate during my shower, I grab the Schwanky & Soft; otherwise I turn to one of the foot balms.

And this is where I was like, “wait…I don’t notice a difference.” You see, my feet were never warmer or cooler after putting it on so when the Foot Balm Vote came up, I really didn’t know. So I used both to compare.

First thing I noticed: Cool Your Sole is much thicker. In fact, I didn’t realize how much thicker until I opened Warm Your Sole and almost had it ALL over my bed. Warm Your Sole is also a little greasier. Did I notice a temperature difference? With them both on, yes, but not much of one. I prefer the Cool Your Sole because it isn’t as greasy and I live in the desert.

Foot Balm

If you have ANY questions about Perfectly Posh, let me know. I LOVE these products and would love to POSH THE WORLD! But first, I’ll start with my friends. If you’d like to try a sample, I should have some I can mail out soon! OR, give the Posh to Meet You kit a try — you can choose a lip balm, a chunk, and a Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme for only $20!


Life: I Poshed.

I signed up for something I told myself I would never do – a multi-level marketing business. I did it because I want all the goodies in the kit and I like the product, not because I want to “start a business”. I never thought MLM’s were evil (I know there are people who do), I’ve just always found it annoying that I can’t get the products when I want (I mean, I’d like to try some LuLaRoe leggings, but I can’t just order them online, I have to know someone. ANNOYING!)

Perfectly Posh IC Logo Pink RoundPerfectly Posh products are made in the USA, they use natural ingredients, they don’t add controversial fillers, they aren’t tested on animals, and they have a lot of vegan options.

I was introduced to Perfectly Posh by my friend Sara who ordered a kit and is far more dedicated to actually growing a business than I am. She also likes smell-goods more than me. 😉 First she tried to grab me with the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes, but it didn’t work. Smelly lotions aren’t my thing. Then she introduced me to a Snarky Bar and I was freakin’ hooked. SO MUCH SCRUBBY GOODNESS. Jesse can’t handle the intense exfoliation provided by a Snarky bar, but I love it.

I got my first order in the mail at the end of June and  I wasn’t disappointed.

So many goodies! Thanks, @sar333bear, for introducing me to the #snarkybar. #poshed #hurtssogood @perfectly_posh

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The Tranquilizer Snarky Bar smells lovely and is perfect for scrubbing the day away. I use the Under Wonder Matte Pore Primer every day, and I keep the handy Rehab Solid Lotion Bar at my desk at work (and it all smells delish!).

Of course, they get me with the buy 5, get 6th item free promotion every time. I go to order and I have to add just ONE MORE thing. And I do. Every. Time. I haven’t been disappointed in any of the products yet.

After hanging with Sara and a couple of other consultants on Posh Night, I decided to take the plunge and order a kit (and I purchased a few more items from Sara’s stash).

So many goodies! Thanks for letting me crash your Posh Party tonight, @sar333bear! #smellssogood #perfectlyposh

A photo posted by Melissa Rochelle (@melissarochelle) on

Jesse loves that the Gender Bender Chunk doesn’t hurt 😀 and I’m surprised by how much I like the Olive My Love Cleanser sample Sara snuck in my bag. Who knew oil could be a good thing for your face?

One downside to PP (other than how much product I’ve purchased) is that it takes FOREVER for items to ship. I’m an impatient person who is an Amazon Prime member just so I can get whatever I order in two days. Waiting is not something I do well.

So the effort I put into this is still to be determined, but I’m definitely a fan of the product. And I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY KIT! *Fingers crossed* it comes this week. I haven’t tried any of the masks yet and the August kit has a couple. I think I’ll put one on and do a little reading after Evie goes to sleep!

I recommend taking a look at their products and checking out the Perfectly Posh website to learn more about the company. From what I’ve seen, I’m pleasantly surprised and a little impressed.

Have a happy day!

PS — this photo pretty much sums up my life.


Life: I need this outlet.

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately.

Life snuck up on me. But things have changed A LOT in my life lately and I need an outlet. Let’s see…

  1. New job
  2. Bought a house
    • House is 45 miles from old house
    • New daycare
  3. New job for Jesse
  4. Adopted two cats
    • Apparently allergic to long-haired cats

I’m adapting. The new job is wonderful but comes with its own unique challenges. Our little townhouse is great. It’s the perfect size for us at the moment with two outdoor spaces. We live much closer to my family now. But I’m super far from my friends. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for me right now.

A new job means losing the comfort and security of the known. I had my work family and I miss them terribly. I miss my regular patrons. I even kind of miss the smell — the mix of books and homeless people and baked goods.

I know it takes time, I’ll get there with the new job. The trickiest part is that my work family also IS a large part of my Arizona family. But I love what I’m doing in my new job.

It’s so different from the public library life. There’s lots of research, more writing, less reading fun books.

But I’m still keeping a foot in the book world. I did a presentation at the beginning of summer on Sizzlin’ Summer Reads with my friend and fellow librarian, Anbolyn, and we are planning another for the fall. It’s interesting to see where our taste in books intersects and where it doesn’t. It really proves that there’s a book for every reader (and when you read it in your life can really make a difference). I’ll post more about our Summer presentation soon. (I promise!)

Happy summer!

Mommyhood: Real Life

5:30 PM
Arrive home.
No air conditioning.
It is hot.
Find batteries.
Fix it.
Place baby on tummy.
Play with baby.
Notice dog has eye boogers.
Attempt to fix.
Baby burps.
Continue fixing eye of dog.
Baby burps again.
Look up.
Baby is on hardwood floor scooting around in own vomit.
Also runny nose into her mouth.
Also drooling.
Must clean baby and floor.
Get towel for floor while baby continues to be covered in goo.
Take baby to kitchen counter to disrobe baby for bath thinking just a wet diaper.
Baby has pooped.
Transport baby to living room.
Poop on baby belly and legs.
Potentially on own body.
Finally get baby to sink.
Clean baby.
Baby attempts to drink water.
Remove baby from sink and place in jammies.
Happy baby.
Think baby wants to play.
Baby wants to cry.
Covered in snot and drool.
Baby and self.
Feel inside mouth.
More teeth.
Time for bed.
Nurse baby.
Marathon, not sprint.
Baby falls asleep.
Place baby gently in crib.
Baby cries.
Pat baby on belly and make soothing sounds.
Baby screeches.
Walk out of room.
Water plants.
Baby is asleep.

Mommyhood: Clothes (The Struggle)

Look at all that sweetness!

We have a healthy, happy baby. She is 100% across the charts, so yeah, she’s a little larger than other babies. When I tell people my adorable little girl is six months old I get the surprised face and then the “oh she is a big girl.” Yeah…and? Just tell me she’s adorable.

The real struggle with having a happy, healthy baby though: the clothes. Some brands are made for pip-squeaks (no offense to the little guys out there). The whole Gerber line seems to be a slim-cut versus the regular cut of Circo. The MOST annoying thing is jammies. At Target (the place I shop most) snap-front pajamas only go up to size nine months. The Carter’s (and all of the many labels under the Carter’s name) 9 month sizes fit up to 28.5 inches and 20.5 pounds. Guess who’s baby was measuring 20 pounds and 28 inches at her last doctor’s appointment. Her little chunky thighs come busting out of her jammies most nights.

I’m not ready for my six month old to wear pajama separates. I want her to wear snap-front footie pajamas for as long as possible. Zipper-jammies are annoying because they have that one leg you have to struggle to get in/out. Plus, the bigger the pajamas, the skinnier the baby needs to be (or so it seems). I tried putting her in some 12-month zip-front jammies and she was like a little sausage.

Pool time!
I opted for a one piece this year…no need to scare people with my I-just-had-a-baby belly yet. Plus this one is really easy for nursing.

And swimsuits…for my chunk o’baby? Hah! I bought one at Gymboree in a 6-12 month size. Yeah…it was returned. Even the swim bottoms we bought are a challenge to put on her. But at least I know that if she poops in the pool, it’s not leaking out around her thighs!

The struggle is real.

I guess shopping for clothes is a problem a tall girl can have at any age.

I’m not even going to get into the troubles I have finding clothes these days. Can I just wear my maternity clothes forever? Stretchy waists are where it’s at!


"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." – Mark Twain

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