Here’s the Scoop.


I’m Melissa.

I am these things:

Avid Reader.
Wonderful Wife.
Marvelous Mom.
Learned Librarian.
Coffee Guzzler.
Sporadic Crafter.
Rabid Researcher.
Soup Enthusiast.
Emerging Yogi.
Random Blogger.
Unseasoned Gardener.

This site started many years ago as a merger of many different blogs I had started. It was stories about library school, my ramblings on the whereabouts of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, book reviews & lists, my pondering why people think Jennifer Lawrence is fat, random recipes, personal stories (both tragic and happy), job hunting successes & disappointments, my experience planning my wedding, and excessive uses of ellipses & parentheses.

Some of my old posts will make a comeback and I might even start writing new ones. Maybe. Eventually.

In the meantime, you can keep in touch via Instagram, Twitter, or Goodreads.


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