Mommyhood: Real Life

5:30 PM
Arrive home.
No air conditioning.
It is hot.
Find batteries.
Fix it.
Place baby on tummy.
Play with baby.
Notice dog has eye boogers.
Attempt to fix.
Baby burps.
Continue fixing eye of dog.
Baby burps again.
Look up.
Baby is on hardwood floor scooting around in own vomit.
Also runny nose into her mouth.
Also drooling.
Must clean baby and floor.
Get towel for floor while baby continues to be covered in goo.
Take baby to kitchen counter to disrobe baby for bath thinking just a wet diaper.
Baby has pooped.
Transport baby to living room.
Poop on baby belly and legs.
Potentially on own body.
Finally get baby to sink.
Clean baby.
Baby attempts to drink water.
Remove baby from sink and place in jammies.
Happy baby.
Think baby wants to play.
Baby wants to cry.
Covered in snot and drool.
Baby and self.
Feel inside mouth.
More teeth.
Time for bed.
Nurse baby.
Marathon, not sprint.
Baby falls asleep.
Place baby gently in crib.
Baby cries.
Pat baby on belly and make soothing sounds.
Baby screeches.
Walk out of room.
Water plants.
Baby is asleep.

Mommyhood: Clothes (The Struggle)

Look at all that sweetness!

We have a healthy, happy baby. She is 100% across the charts, so yeah, she’s a little larger than other babies. When I tell people my adorable little girl is six months old I get the surprised face and then the “oh she is a big girl.” Yeah…and? Just tell me she’s adorable.

The real struggle with having a happy, healthy baby though: the clothes. Some brands are made for pip-squeaks (no offense to the little guys out there). The whole Gerber line seems to be a slim-cut versus the regular cut of Circo. The MOST annoying thing is jammies. At Target (the place I shop most) snap-front pajamas only go up to size nine months. The Carter’s (and all of the many labels under the Carter’s name) 9 month sizes fit up to 28.5 inches and 20.5 pounds. Guess who’s baby was measuring 20 pounds and 28 inches at her last doctor’s appointment. Her little chunky thighs come busting out of her jammies most nights.

I’m not ready for my six month old to wear pajama separates. I want her to wear snap-front footie pajamas for as long as possible. Zipper-jammies are annoying because they have that one leg you have to struggle to get in/out. Plus, the bigger the pajamas, the skinnier the baby needs to be (or so it seems). I tried putting her in some 12-month zip-front jammies and she was like a little sausage.

Pool time!
I opted for a one piece this year…no need to scare people with my I-just-had-a-baby belly yet. Plus this one is really easy for nursing.

And swimsuits…for my chunk o’baby? Hah! I bought one at Gymboree in a 6-12 month size. Yeah…it was returned. Even the swim bottoms we bought are a challenge to put on her. But at least I know that if she poops in the pool, it’s not leaking out around her thighs!

The struggle is real.

I guess shopping for clothes is a problem a tall girl can have at any age.

I’m not even going to get into the troubles I have finding clothes these days. Can I just wear my maternity clothes forever? Stretchy waists are where it’s at!


March Recap

It’s so hard to find time to update anything. How do those mommy bloggers do it? Is that all they do? Do they sleep?

So…March…Evie grew. We went to the zoo. Evie had her first sleepover with Auntie V and Syd.

I guessed the final two and the winner of the Tournament of Books. So yeah. Obviously my life is super fascinating.

We read a book to Evie one night and she giggled out loud.  Needless to say we’ve tried everything to recreate that experience. She really does love Please Mr Panda.

I am going to be better about posting. I always think, “I should write about that.” Then it doesn’t happen. Evie gets hungry or I need to shower or the dishes need to be washed or Evie gets bored and needs attention.

February Recap

This has been  a busy month. I went back to work and am still catching up on everything. I feel like I might never get caught up.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten my reading mojo back. Of course, I’m not reading as much as I did pre-pregnancy, but I finished four books this month!

Evie is growing like a weed. She’s so smart and so sweet and so cute. She had her first photoshoot last weekend with Auntie Cassy. The photos are gorgeous (a sneak peek below).  Seriously, if you’re in the Phoenix area looking for a photographer, give Cassy a call. <3


Life: Baby Fun

We’re 12 weeks into parenthood and you could say we’re enjoying it…. Combined we’ve taken close to a bajillion (or 6,000) photos of Evie, we’ve flown with her, taken her to the zoo, and basically tried to soak up all the baby-goodness we can. Plus we’ve made her into a GIF and a meme 😉

Hey look! She’s dancin’:

dancing baby

Part of Jesse’s meme-madness:

seriously?! superhero practiceThis makes it look like I never put my child in clothes…but I swear, I do! We’ve just caught her in the middle of bedtime prep and doctor appointments here.

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." – Mark Twain