Reading: About Breasts

“Human milk is like ice cream, penicillin, and the drug ecstasy all wrapped up in two pretty packages…but…

The more I read Breasts, the more irritated I became with men. The reason we don’t know more about our boobs is because men ARE boobs that only focus on the physical attractiveness of breasts instead of the absolutely amazing part: THEY FEED TINY HUMANS.

This book is chock full of interesting, but scary information about boobs. At times, I would stop reading just so I could share the info I’d read with whoever (whomever?) was lucky enough to be near me.

The interesting parts: Breast implants today are considerably larger than what was considered large in the past (what was BIG then is only average in Texas today). Breast milk is AMAZING. Despite the fact that breasts develop certain functions on an as needed basis and change monthly, there still isn’t a field dedicated to breasts. (And breasts are the only organ to develop after birth…I think I read that correctly…AMAZING.)

“If to have breasts is to be human, then to save them is to save ourselves.”

The scary parts: BPA really is bad. The chemicals in your body are there to stay so your firstborn is screwed if you breastfeed. If you don’t breastfeed your kids are still screwed because formula is missing a lot of things in breast milk that can’t be reproduced (but either way you feed your kid is good because starving a baby is not an option).

“Even if we cleaned up our planet tomorrow, the industrial detritus of the last century has created a three-generation problem.”

Perhaps it’s just science-related books that do this to me…but I was also faschinated and infuriated by The Emperor of All Maladies or I’m just super sensitive about cancer-related information?

Either way, Breasts is a great book for those that want to learn more about, well, breasts, but not get overwhelmed with technical terminology. And it’s really a great addition to the world of science and environmental health writing. Williams does a great job of taking the research and dumbing (but not like SUPER dumb) it down for the masses (like me). 🙂


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